Data collection completed

We are excited to annouce that the data collection for both the qualitative and quantitative data are now completed! We have managed to talk to more than 90 individuals across Australia, who come from a diverse cultural, ethnic and religious background. More than 300 individuals also participated our online questionnaire! The research team is now... Continue Reading →

Say Goodbye to ‘hush hush’

Last Saturday our Chinese speaking team member, Wilfred, was invited to a theatre play presented by the Chinese Cancer and Chronic Illness Society (CCCIS) at the Doncaster Playhouse. It was a theatre play produced, conducted and performed entirely by volunteers and friends of the CCCIS. The play discussed death, memorialisation and other end-of-life related matters... Continue Reading →

Farewell, David

  The story and life of Dr Daivd Goodall have now been well-known in Australia and even, across the world. By filming and retelling David's decision to go with the assisted-voluntary euthanasia, one of the ABC's flagship programs, Foreign Correspondent, has brought us into a relatively unexplored but hardly unfamiliar territory of life  - death. To... Continue Reading →

In the news

Our project's call for participation is now featured in the Bright Ideas Newsletter published by the Knox City Council (VIC) !

Death, memorialisaiton and a Hollywood animate

Underneath this heart-warming story about growing up, family and self-hood, the film Coco (2017) takes us onto a refreshing yet, rich learning expedition to the Mexican funeral rites and memorialisation culture. The film's narrative transits between the living and the deceased and the present and the past, which (re-)connects the material and the symbolic worlds:... Continue Reading →

Multi-faiths collaborations

Memorialisation and cemeteries not only bring institutional collaborations like what we have in this project (university, industry and government/public service); the associated values about love and respect bring people with different cultures, ethnicities and religions together. An excellent illustration about #diversity and #inclusion in the Australian societies.

Call for research participation

We are now into the phase of recruiting research participants for the 1-1 interviews and the online questionnaire . This is a very exciting process as we get speak to a wide range of communities and organisations in Melbourne, which have dedicated works and services for palliative care and supports. This is truly amazing! Even though... Continue Reading →

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