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Funerary practices and memorialisation in the news

The most expensive land in Australia might be graves, Domain News, 27 June 2018

Catholics to provide burial spaces for Muslims as cemetery crisis looms , SBS News, 22 June 2018.

Changing attitudes to death can mean a new role for cemeteries in modern life, ABC News, 2018

Thinking about having a ‘green’ funeral? Here’s what to know, The New York Times, 2018

This is how I want to be dead, The New York Times, 2017

Discussing how we live out our golden years is crucial – but oft-neglected, The Guardian, 2016

Who chooses not to have a funeral? BBC News, 2016

After death, families have many decisions to make, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2016

Happy funerals: A celebration of life? BBC News, 2015



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