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Chinese immigrants’ changing values and perceptions of funeral rites in the context of multicultural Australia


In 2017, a pilot project was conducted in Melbourne with the Chinese community. Working with the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, and Monash, the project team consisted of Assoc. Prof. Gil-Soo Han, Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett, Dr Wilfred Wang and Will Babington.

Monash Research Team Photo
Gil-Soo Han, Will Babington, Helen Forbes-Mewett, Wilfred Wang


The pilot project focused on Melbourne’s Chinese community.  Several themes were canvassed as part of the study.  These include:

  • Perceptions about death and cemeteries and changes across the generations
  • Preferences for burial or cremation
  • The impacts of value and cost on decision making
  • The role of traditional values and culture
  • Decision makers for funeral planning
  • The source of information about funerals for the Chinese community
  • The role of social status in decision making

Executive summary



  • Han, G-S.,Forbes-Mewett, H. and Wang, W. (accepted 25 April 2018) My own business, not my children’s: Negotiating funeral rites and the mobility and communication juncture among Chinese migrants in Melbourne. Mobilities

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